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        Consumer Electronics

        Through years of technical accumulation and experience accumulation, Huishensheng Technology (J&V) knows the needs of consumer electronics enterprise customers, especially related manufacturers such as notebook computers,mobile phones, smart bracelets, and many well-known consumers around the world. Electronic companies have deep cooperation.

        Huizhisheng Technology is able to provide precision assembly, complete machine inspection and finished product packaging to the post-production process,including parts processing (CNC processing, parts inspection, component welding, etc.) to the production process according to the customer's process requirements. System integration automation solution.


        We are able to provide the following related equipment and corresponding automation integration solutions, you can contact
        our business staff and technical engineers at any time, I believe we can meet your different needs.

        Electronic system IC, chip components, cutting and handling of ingot crystal rods, handling in PCB board, cutting of non-standard products,
        laser plastic welding, touch screen inspection, scrubbing, filming, etc. application.

        Sheet metal processing, loading and unloading, welding, surface grinding and polishing, robot spraying paint. Assembly and gluing of components.  
        Sorting and packing, automatic packing and handling stacking in the packaging process.