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        J&V is looking forward to your joining

        • Visual engineer

          Job Responsibilities:

          1. Responsible for visual hardware selection and debugging;

          2. Perform CCD positioning or AOI testing.

          3. Responsible for visual algorithm development and visual software application of automation equipment;

          4. Responsible for the development, debugging and deployment of the host computer application.

          5. According to the project development requirements, carry out visual software development, testing and debugging of the product.

          6. Design real-time positioning and defect detection algorithms for specific machine vision problems.

          7. Assist the after-sales personnel to solve the machine vision problem of the equipment on the customer's site.

          job requirements:

          1. Familiar with and proficient in at least one programming language such as C++, C#, Opencv, etc.

          2, have a certain optical knowledge, familiar with Halcon, Eursyse, NI Vision Library or VisionPro software and visual algorithms;

          3. Familiar with visual related hardware knowledge and skilled in selection.

          4. Strong logical thinking and good teamwork spirit.

          5, machine vision application development experience, especially surface defect detection, dimensional measurement, feature recognition and other research and development experience is preferred.

        • Institutional engineer

          Agency Engineer Job Responsibilities:

          1. Communicate with customers, understand customer needs, participate in product project feasibility study, participate in system overall design, and formulate structural design plans and project plans;

          2. Provide equipment material cost and labor cost according to the automation equipment plan;

          3. Design, material selection, calculation, preliminary test, etc. of the mechanical structure and mechanical parts of the product;

          4. Independently complete the overall design of the mechanical system;

          5. Refine the equipment plan, out the assembly drawings, parts drawings, gas road drawings;

          6. Finishing equipment purchase list MO, bill of materials BOM;

          7. Guide the equipment assembly process and solve the design-related problems generated in the equipment commissioning project;

          8. Track the after-sales problems of the equipment and give a solution;

          9. The mechanical design leader in the project leads other project members to solve mechanical design related problems.

          10. Control project schedules, budgets, and internal and external customers to communicate on technology-related issues.

          11. Other matters as explained by the supervisor.

          Terms and conditions:

          1. College degree or above in mechanical or mechanical engineering;

          2. Have non-standard overall design ability, familiar with non-standard equipment design process, strong logic, strong sense of innovation, and good communication and coordination ability;

          3. Familiar with various automation related standard structural components; familiar with the processing technology and materials of the organization, proficient in various mechanical principles, familiar with the principle of automation control;

          4. Skilled application of 3D drawing software UG (surface processing);

          5. Good communication, high savvy, able to work overtime, English is preferred;

          6. Have good teamwork ability, agree with the company's management philosophy, be able to work hard, have a good sense of customer service and responsibility.

        • Electrical Engineer

          Job Responsibilities:

          1. Organize and coordinate project matters, connect internal and external needs, and promote project execution;

          2. Responsible for or guide the core technology research, architecture design, system optimization, and solve technical problems in the development process;

          3. Responsible for the preparation of documents such as software change instructions, functional characteristics, etc., and complete the preparation and archiving of relevant documents;

          4. Responsible for the debugging and maintenance of the developed software, and constantly updated and improved according to actual needs;

          5. Responsible for completing the control of the software through PLC or motion control card to assist in the completion of machine vision.

          Job Requirements:

          1. College degree or above, major in computer or electronics, more than 3 years experience in automation equipment development,

          2, at least proficient in the use and programming of a motion control card (Advantech / Lei Sai / Gu Gao, or other);

          3. Experience in software development of medium-sized automation projects, familiar with motion control;

          4, proficient in C#/C/C++ one or several software programming languages, familiar with .NET developers are preferred;

          5, familiar with servo motors, linear motors, motion control cards and other electrical components, CCD image processing experience is preferred;

          6. Familiar with serial communication protocol, CAN communication protocol and network communication protocol;

          7. Have correct values and strong sense of responsibility, be good at teamwork, have strong communication skills, and have strong resistance to stress.

        • Business Manager (Shenzhen / Chengdu / Chongqing)

          Job Requirements:

          1. College degree or bachelor degree or above;

          More than 2.3 years of non-standard automation, testing or 3C product non-standard automation industry project management experience, familiar with test equipment and 3C product electrical performance;

          3. Have the priority of electronic test engineer / TE experience;

          4. Language ability: Proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, strong communication skills and communication skills;

          5. Computer level: Skilled in using MS office software;

          6. Good plan execution, coordination and interpersonal communication skills;

          7. Have team building ability, high sense of responsibility and ability to withstand pressure.

          work description:

          1. Lead engineers to complete technical exchanges independently, solve various problems raised by customers, and explore potential requirements of customers.

          2. Develop detailed project plans, track the execution of project plans, and grasp the project budget and nodes. Avoid project risks by quality and quantity.

          3. Can guide engineers to complete various automation tasks, including design adjustment and risk management.