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        J&V Technology

        J&V Technology

        J&V was a part of H&W, which is a manufacturing enterprise focus on CNC process and stamping products. J&V is a high-tech technology enterprise, specializing in non-standard equipments and fixtures, such as visual inspection machine.Automatic filming equipment, automated assembly lines, etc.
        To date, the company has approximately 100 employees, including 20 design engineers, 25 field technical support engineers, and 35 production personnel.


        Success is what everyone wants, and that is wonderful. Huizhisheng has been struggling to go forward with everyone to pursue the good. Together to witness the wonderful development of China's basic industry, we are willing to contribute to our strength.


        Step by step, steady and steady implementation of corporate strategic deployment

        • Innovation


          Customer-oriented, continuous innovation, fast response

        • Research and development

          Research and development

          Continuous development of new products based on customer needs

        • Win-win


          Establish strategic union in technology and business to cooperate and win-win

        Team spirit

        Work together to create a better future

        Teamwork is our development prerequisite. We ensure that every employee, every process, from research and development to promotion, always maintains a team spirit.


        Attention Huizhisheng,Keep up to date with industry news